VersaLED Masking Unit: The Industry’s Most Trusted Video Masking System!

Our VersaLED Masking Unit has become the industry’s most trusted video masking solution. This turnkey LED Video Masking System delivers stunning high-definition video playback for any number of lanes. The system features bright, high-resolution LED panels with dynamic windowing video processing and automated control. Elevate your family entertainment center with the unmatched “wow” factor provided by our cutting-edge system.

Transform Your Center in as Little as 5 Weeks

Transform your entertainment center with our advanced LED panels, designed to be visible in any lighting conditions, even with all house lights on. These panels are not only energy-efficient but also maintenance-free, offering a remarkable 100,000-hour lifespan. Say goodbye to the hassle and expense of replacing projector lamps and filters. Our innovative LED technology ensures long-lasting performance and reliability, making it the perfect upgrade for your center. Experience this transformation in as little as 5 weeks and elevate your venue to new heights.

VesrsaLEDScreens sizes range anywhere from single lane pairs, to any number of lanes screen sizes to fit your needs!

VersaLED Video Mask is lane supported by our Patent Pending mounting solution and can be installed in your bar, on your wall or even outside! In other words our VersaLED can be mounted anywhere!

Replace the dull and outdated mixed masking unit graphics with VersaLED’s exclusive digital LED content palette and content managment system!

Perfect for new and retrofit applications. VersaLED easily intergrates with house audio and lighting as well as your current scoring system!

 Revolutionize Your Space with the VersaLED Masking Unit’s Next-Level Content Management System

Experience the extraordinary with the VersaLED Masking Unit, uniquely equipped with our cutting-edge content management system. This ever-evolving system takes customization to unprecedented heights, creating dynamic displays that add a mesmerizing layer of atmosphere to any space. Unlike anything else on the market, the VersaLED Masking Unit’s advanced content management ensures seamless, immersive environments that captivate and impress. Discover why the VersaLED Masking Unit is not just superior—it’s revolutionary, setting a new standard in visual technology.

Listen to What Our Customers Have to Say About the VersaLED Masking Unit!

Discover why our customers rave about their VersaLED Masking Units! From stunning visuals to unparalleled reliability, hear firsthand how the VersaLED has transformed their venues and exceeded expectations.


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