The Process

Assessment & Design Process

The beginning of our process starts with a comprehensive needs assessment. We will meet with you to better understand your needs and how they relate to the environment / experience you’re planning. 

Design is a complex and critical part of a successful project. Once we have identified the needs of your installation the design process can start in earnest. 

Our skilled drafting team will work to visually represent what your system will look like and how it will function upon completion. We collaborate with other trades when possible for the best design experience.


In-Shop Preparation & Testing 

We take steps to perform as much work in advance as possible, including pre-fabricating, wiring, painting, and rigorous testing to ensure the highest quality possible. We also work to program as many features and settings ahead of time as we can.

Preparation is key to a successful project. Performing this work in our warehouse minimizes on-site labor and other costs, helping us deliver great value to you!

Systems Installation & Integration

With the final design approved our process moves on to physical installation! Our project managers work closely with affiliated trades and on-site management to produce a seamless and efficiently scheduled installation.

Communication and attention to detail are at the core of our team’s efforts to deliver exceptional services on time and on budget. You can have confidence in our well-trained staff as they integrate equipment into your facility.

Technicians installing audiovisual equipment

Automation System Video

This video explains how our automation systems simplify the control and operation of audio, video and lighting equipment in a family entertainment center.

Our work doesn’t end with entertainment centers, though! Our portfolio showcases other places and people we’ve served.

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