Corporate Events

Our team has the experience and knowledge to use every tool at our disposal to make your event a blinding success.

Whether you are hosting a quarterly meeting, fundraiser, training seminar, or large venue product release, DFX has the individual custom solution to make your event perfect.

Professional Experience

Our technicians have over 40 years of combined experience executing flawless events for all types of companies. Our team specializes in integrating ourselves into your company ethos, making it feel like we are just an extension of your internal team.

Adventure Aquarium Wedding with Lighting

Direct Communication

DFX provides around the clock service to our customers during the planning process, during the event, and after the event has been completed. Our dedicated project managers take every step to make sure they understand your goals and formulate a custom solution to make your event a success.

Personal Accountability

Our technicians take a personal stance in making sure they do everything they can to make sure your event is successful. We each take individual accountability to not only make sure the result is favorable for your but also a product we can be proud of.

Town Halls

What better way to make sure your employees are informed and educated on your brand than quarterly town halls? When Marlin Capital Solutions wanted to do just thay, they trusted DFX to assist them by delivering their message in a clear and professional manner.

Adventure Aquarium Wedding with Lighting

Annual Kickoffs

Every company has evolving and developing programs and products. Comcast Business has one of the largest workforces in the country who work as a single unit. DFX gives them the ability to not only host a professional event locally but also assist with streaming to their corporate offices nationally.

Fundraiser Galas

One of the most effective ways of raising money for your non-profit or a meaningful cause is by hosting a fundraiser gala. DFX teams up with the Visiting Nurses Association to make their bi-annual Beach Ball Fundraiser Gala look and feel beautiful. Our dedicated service allows our customers to focus on the cause at hand.


DFX brings in the newest lighting technology to not only make sure your presenters are seen but also spruce the venue up with textured and colored lighting to match your brand to create a visually pleasing aesthetic.

Adventure Aquarium Wedding with Lighting


Arguably the most important aspect of any event is making sure every guest is able to clearly hear your message. Our audio engineers don’t settle for less and develop solutions using the newest equipment, ensuring your message is delivered clearly and cleanly.


All events are not created equally so we give you the tools to make sure your graphics and presentations are delivered to your guests clearly and accurately. With the addition of our streaming services, we can make sure not just guests outside of the room are included by broadcasting to the streaming service of your choice, even integrating remote presenters.