Managed Services

Today’s technology solutions are constantly evolving, and therefore require continual performance tuning, optimization and support.

Our managed services provide continuous proactive technology systems monitoring, management and support with strategic methods and programs.

We deliver a wide range of services that improves systems operations, cut expenses and minimizes down time. Our capable trained professionals provide reliable day-to-day systems management with remote and on-site range of maintenance and emergency support services.

We work closely with clients to create customized service solutions that best fit their operation and budget. Our scalable solutions help systems and businesses of all sizes all over the world.


DFX also provides complete remote monitoring of your Audio/Visual Systems. Through use of a cloud based platform, we can receive alerts and troubleshoot common issues before our clients even realize there is an issue. This is a surprisingly inexpensive add on to our service contracts and saves end users money on service calls.

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