Family Entertainment Centers

As advancements in audiovisual and lighting technologies continues, they become a more essential and more complex part of operating an entertainment facility. Investing in equipment and ensuring your staff can utilize everything can be an intimidating task.

With over 30 years of experience, DFX is the one stop solution for any and all of your A/V needs. From value engineered solutions to full-service integration, training, and maintenance, we are committed to being your systems provider. We innovate and develop products to stay on top of the latest trends / technology and better serve your needs. Our team takes pride in delivering services that have a direct impact on your brand’s image.


Live music show

Our audio services include microphone, paging, and speaker systems to accommodate a variety of applications. We’ve designed systems for meeting/party rooms, theaters, arcades, bowling lanes, performance areas, laser tag arenas, and more.

Part of excellent audio design is correctly tuning a system with proper distribution and processing. With our expertise you can be confident that every guest will have the best listening experience possible. In addition to sound reinforcement, we also offer soundproofing and acoustic baffling services.


  • Audio quality at any volume level
  • Paging & signal routing capabilities
  • Technology & quality of equipment


  • Impact on decor
  • Cost without compromising quality
  • Electrical & maintenance expenses

Input panels for:

  • DJ’s and live entertainment
  • Computers, game consoles
  • Microphones & karaoke systems


Visual entertainment is a key part of engaging guests. Whether it’s lane-spanning projection systems, flat panel displays, or custom LED signage, you can count on DFX to design and install a clean looking and easy to operate system.

We also offer a variety of high quality cameras that make hybrid and virtual meetings a more meaningful and engaging experience. Our camera expertise extends to CCTV and security systems too, ensuring our customers have convenient access to safety and surveillance systems.

Our relationships with top manufacturers ensure that we’re able to strike the right balance between quality and value. Our experience and training translates to seamless projection mapping, video distribution, and cable management.



  • Resolution & clarity
  • Signal routing options
  • Use of latest technology


  • Impact on decor
  • Cost without compromising quality
  • Electrical & maintenance expenses

Entertain & Engage:

  • Video masking systems
  • Display signage & custom content
  • Switch between presets with ease


Our innovative solutions to common applications have led to the development of many patented products. Some models include DMX control, UV blacklights, and full color mixing. Guests can enjoy dynamic lighting effects and custom programming in spaces of all sizes.

The DFX product line includes a range of other LED fixtures like pars, bars, gobo projectors, moving head fixtures, and strobe lights. With both indoor and outdoor rated models, we have designed and integrated vivid experiences for bowling centers, race tracks, axe throwing facilities, laser tag arenas, trampoline parks, skating rinks, and more!


  • The “Wow!” factor
  • Energy efficiency
  • Ease of use


  • Need for additional fixtures
  • Cost without compromising quality
  • Electrical & maintenance expenses

Set the Mood:

  • Architectural & outdoor lighting
  • Custom programming & design
  • Compatible with interactive gaming
Live music show
VersaLamps over bowling lanes


We also provide comprehensive automation systems for all manners of applications. Our systems give locations easy to use touch panels to operate audio, lighting, video, and other systems.

Touch panel graphics are floor plan based to provide easy to understand navigation and control. Presets allow users to turn everything on and off at the push of a button, or to start another programmed action. Events can also be scheduled for further convenience.

All touch panels feature multi-level security to ensure that only employees have access to the system, and to give management enhanced privileges. Security and life safety systems can even be integrated to control/disable music and lighting effects in the event of an emergency.


  • Simplicity of system operation
  • Multi-level password protection


  • Need for wall switches and controls
  • Cost without compromising quality
  • Electrical & maintenance expenses

Designed for you:

  • Custom touch panel interfaces
  • One-button preset configuration
  • Multi-level users (i.e. management, employee)