Area 254: Out Of This World Entertainment

Killeen, Texas

 In the heart of Killeen, Texas, the unveiling of Area 254 marks a new era in entertainment, and DFX is proud to be the driving force behind the exceptional installation that promises to redefine the entertainment landscape.

At the core of DFX’s contribution is the VersaLED Masking unit, meticulously applied across 10 bowling lanes. This state-of-the-art technology transforms the bowling experience into a mesmerizing visual spectacle, setting the stage for an unforgettable time at Area 254.

Beyond the bowling lanes, DFX has curated a vibrant party room featuring karaoke and top-notch audio support for a lively atmosphere. Their installation also includes a Crestron video sound bar, seamlessly integrating technology for modern live conferencing needs.

To elevate the ambiance, DFX has introduced 40-inch mirror balls and strategically placed LED TVs. These elements not only enhance the visual aesthetics but contribute to the overall immersive feel of the entertainment center. With Crestron control, DFX has ensured seamless management of all AV components, optimizing the experience for both staff and guests.

DFX’s collaborative efforts have resulted in an extraordinary entertainment hub at Area 254, promising a unique experience for visitors. From dynamic bowling to a lively party room and mesmerizing visual elements, every detail has been carefully orchestrated. This transformation reinforces DFX’s commitment to creating exceptional entertainment experiences and contributes to the ongoing evolution of Area 254 as a standout destination. Explore Area 254 and immerse yourself in entertainment that’s out of this world!

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