VersaLED Video Masking Unit

VersaLED Masking Unit

Our new turnkey LED Video Masking Systems creates amazing high definition video playback solution for any number of lanes. The system uses bright, high resolution LED panels with dynamic windowing video processing and automated control. This system will provide the wow factor for your family entertainment center.

Transform Your Center

The LED panels can easily be seen in any lighting conditions including with all house lights on. Plus the LED panels are energy efficient and maintenance free. The LED panels have a 100,000 hour life. Gone are the days of replacing expensive projector lamps and filters.

Content Management System (CMS)

DFX has created an exciting new VersaLED Content Management System (CMS) to provide fresh video graphics for our VersaLED Direct-View LED Video Masking System. The video masking system is used in bowling and Family Entertainment Centers (FEC) to conceal the bowling pinsetters. This system provides the WOW factor and clearly distinguishes each location from its competition with timely high resolution video and graphics. The VersaLED CMS is a subscription-based solution with several packages to choose from. Each package includes a library of traditional and contemporary motion graphics, eye candy video graphics, holiday content with over sixty holidays, customizable in-center advertising and by request custom images and videos. Customers simply choose which content they would like each month from the web based DFX portal. Then DFX does all the heavy lifting with content creation and uploading new content to the video masking system. The VersaLED Content Management System provides impressive high-resolution visuals with easy to use, consistent operation. 

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