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Word Life Center

Helping houses of worship illuminate their message.

 We just wrapped up another local church installation this week. Our client reached out to us for LED stage lighting upgrades. DFX’s VersaPar RGB’s were a perfect fit to provide them with the energy efficient lighting solution needed to deliver their message to the world. This site has also been equipped with DFX’s Versa Intellispot’s to give a focal point for any speakers or performers in this house of worship.

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The Apostolic Church – Irvington, NJ

The Apostolic Church - Irvington, NJ

We recently provided a camera upgrade for the Apostolic Church of Irvington, in New Jersey:

Working with the manufacturer Lumens, our systems integration team provided (3) 4K PTZ cameras for use with an IP-based controller. The combination made for effortless control, switching, and transitioning of camera sources.

During our conversations to help upgrade the camera system, they also discovered that we specialize in house of worship audio solutions, which was another component to their services that needed upgrading. The pastor made us aware of intelligibility issues in addition to insufficient and unbalanced audio coverage throughout the space.

A thorough needs assessment determined that their existing speaker choice, QSC KLA12, was great but needed to be relocated and added to for sufficient coverage. We also found that an additional subwoofer was required, as well as a digital signal processor to allow for presets and limiting.

Due to backorder status of the QSC KLA 181 subwoofers, we loaned the church a subwoofer from our rental inventory and wrapped both in white drape until new subwoofers were available to ship. In addition to moving the existing speakers to their proper location, we added two more array speakers and 2 stage monitors to help the pastor deliver his powerful message more clearly.

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St. Paul’s Lutheran Church – Hainesport, NJ

St. Paul's Lutheran Church - Hainesport, NJ

A projection setup to enliven worship experiences:

When Saint Paul’s was in need of a motorized rear projection screen to replace an outdated installation they knew our team would be able to deliver a high quality and seamlessly integrated system.

This projector and screen look fantastic, even in the bright ambient daylight that fills their sanctuary! 

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Catholic Church of St. Mary – Cherry Hill, NJ

Catholic Church of St. Mary - Cherry Hill, NJ

Seamless audiovisual upgrades throughout Saint Mary’s entire facility:

The Catholic Church of Saint Mary in Cherry Hill, NJ knew they could count on the DFX systems integration team to overhaul their audiovisual offerings. We worked in several areas throughout their building to install speakers, microphones, and input plates in the least obtrusive way possible. We also helped set them up to stream worship services.

Knowing that black and white speakers would both stick out on the sanctuary’s natural wood finish, our integrators carefully painted JBL line array column speakers a tasteful shade of brown to help them sink into the room. In-ceiling and other compact speakers were installed in other areas to provide quality audio without taking up space or pulling focus.

Podium microphones, wireless microphones, and input plates were also provided in several areas, easily controlled through a touchscreen tablet. In the parish hall we provided a projector and screen to compliment their presentations and other social functions.

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St. Andrew The Apostle – Gibbsboro, NJ

St. Andrew The Apostle - Gibbsboro, NJ

We recently provided audiovisual upgrades to enhance parishioners’ worship experience:

Two large JBL CBT column array speakers and two smaller JBL CBT column array speakers were installed in the main sanctuary of St. Andrew’s to ensure even audio coverage in every pew. We also provided an in-ceiling speaker in the sacristy and two outdoor speakers by the entrance to the building to output audio from the sanctuary. Speakers were driven by Crown amplifiers and BSS digital processing.

Shure wireless lapel and handheld microphones, podium microphones, and hanging choir microphones were also provided. New input plates were fitted and a Cat5 digital snake was set up to eliminate cable clutter and trip hazards between the podium and choir areas. 

 All audio inputs were fed into their existing live streaming system and 85 inch displays were added to each side of the speaker system. Inputs were patched to be easily controlled through a handheld tablet.

A good Pastor must be an accountable steward of the parishioner’s resources. Replacing the Sound System in a church is a complex decision that requires consultation, accountability, and wise counsel. Gene and DFX provided this counsel that now enhances the worship experience of St. Andrew the Apostle Church in Gibbsboro, NJ.

I delight that DFX was able to replace an outdated system with a digital system that integrates modern technology to enhance congregational prayer. As a Pastor, who happens to be a musician, it was important that the outcome offer a balanced, yet natural sound, to enhance both music and the spoken word, that is pleasing to the human ear.

It was extremely important that DFX also provide an ongoing service contract that is practical and affordable. DFX met all these deliverables, and without hesitation, I recommend DFX to support your future sound/video needs.

Louis A. Marucci, D. Min., Pastor

Reverend Monsignor, Church of St. Andrew the Apostle

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