The Wild Game


Install at The Wild Game in Game Evergreen, Colorado!

DFX SoundVision provided all the sound, projection, flat panel and lighting systems for this full service restaurant, bar and recreation center. We are extremely proud of our work here and at their other location in Longmont, Colorado!

Excerpt from the International Bowling Industry 


Given the somewhat unique design concept of The Wild Game, the venue called for equally unique lighting architecture, not just for the bowling but for the entire facility. Mike Bovino, president of New Jersey based DFX Sound Vision said,

“The Wild Game is a unique venue with its rustic feel and western theme. The goal of our design team was to continue the overall look and feel of this environment while bringing in the most updated and creative lighting and audio systems. Lighting highlighted the architectural elements in the building by using energy efficient LED and creative placement within the space. The entire system, audio, video and lighting are automated for
ease and multiple and users maintaining a consistent feel throughout the day to day uses.”

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