Colony Park Lanes North

is a 34 lane bowling center in York, PA.

In a remarkable collaboration, we teamed up with Bowlers Supply to transform Colony  Park Lanes North a 28-lane bowling center into a state-of-the-art entertainment hub. Bowlers Supply, a renowned name in the industry, brought their expertise in bowling equipment and supplies, while our team brought cutting-edge technology and innovation to the table.

The centerpiece of this transformation was the installation of the VersaLED Video Masking Unit, a high-definition video display system that would set this bowling center apart from the rest. For those interested in checking out Bowlers Supply’s incredible range of products, you can visit their website Bowlers Supply.

To ensure seamless integration and functionality, we introduced our patent-pending VersaMount system, a versatile mounting solution with integrated scoring capabilities. This innovation not only enhanced the aesthetics of the bowling center but also simplified the scoring process, providing bowlers with real-time updates and statistics.

What truly made this project stand out was its comprehensive entertainment package. With a whopping 45 video inputs, patrons could enjoy a wide array of content, including cable TV, multiple streaming services, various video servers, Atmosphere TV, Bowling Music Network, and, of course, bowling scoring for all 28 lanes. Whether you were a sports enthusiast, a music lover, or simply there for a fun game of bowling, there was something for everyone.

For the serious bowlers, we introduced a 28-ball indicator light system, ensuring that everyone knew which lane was available and when it was their turn to roll. This feature added a level of convenience and efficiency to the overall bowling experience.

To tie everything together, we seamlessly integrated the existing audio and lighting systems, giving complete control to patrons through VersaShow. Whether it was adjusting the lighting to set the mood or fine-tuning the audio to create the perfect ambiance, VersaShow put the power in the hands of the bowlers.

The transformation of this 28-lane bowling center was not just about bowling; it was about creating a vibrant and immersive entertainment destination. Thanks to the collaboration between our team and Bowlers Supply, visitors could now enjoy a modern and dynamic bowling experience like never before.

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