CMS Ultimate Bundle Monthly Subscription


Discover the Ultimate Bundle – Unleash Your Full Potential!

Amplify Your Center’s Impact, Captivate with Captivating Content, and Elevate Your Celebrations – all in one power-packed offer. Here’s what you get with this all-encompassing deal:

Dynamic Promotion for Your Center:

With the In-Center Advertisement Subscription, ensure your family entertainment center stays in the limelight. Enjoy two in-center advertisements and promotions each month, with fresh content uploaded bi-weekly. Keep your audience engaged, entertained, and coming back for more.

Unmatched Graphic Content Management:

The CMS Content Subscription opens the doors to a world of creativity. Create stunning visuals with three lane pair masking graphics and three full-screen graphics every month. Engage your audience and elevate your messaging with ease.

Seamless Holiday Celebrations:

With the Holiday CMS Subscription, celebrate over 60 holidays and special occasions like never before. Automated scheduling ensures content deployment and removal is hassle-free. Make every holiday special and seamless.

Affordable All-Inclusive Offer:

Get the best value with an annual subscription for all three packages, priced at $4,428.00 per year. That’s an 18% savings if purchased separately. This is a recurring monthly subscription at just $369.00 per month, making it budget-friendly and convenient.

Unlock the full potential of your center, captivate your audience, and celebrate every occasion with the Ultimate Bundle Subscription. Elevate your visibility, engagement, and messaging. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the ultimate transformation – subscribe today!