VersaPIN Deck Lighting
The only pin deck lighting system to provide true white & ultraviolet plus full color lighting with limitless patterns and effects.

VersaPin Deck Lighting

VersaLamp LED Pin Deck Lighting System utilizes patent pending VersaLamp LED lamps*. This provided the most colors and effects of any system available. It is the only system that provides true white from white LED nodes. Not like other systems that use red, green and blue (RGB) LED nodes to produce a blue-ish off-color white. Plus VersaLamp Pin Deck Lighting delivers true ultraviolet and full color RGB (red, green & blue) LED nodes from the same lamp. The bright LED lamps create billions of colors and limitless lighting effects.The system can be operated by just about any DMX lighting controller. Colored effects and patterns can be specific to a single lane or any combination of lanes. Our pin deck lighting system is compatible with all types of pinsetters and scoring systems. The system is delivered fully programmed with custom programming available. It works great for new and retro-fit applications and can be used for any number of lanes. The VersaLamp LED Pin Deck System is the only system on the market that can seamlessly integrate with VersaLamp Color Wash and VersaCap LED Lighting Systems. On-site installation is available or you can install it yourself with our step by step installation manual.