DFX continued the tradition of providing complete technical support for Washington Township High School’s Annual Dance Concert this past month. TWP’s 19th Annual Dance Concert, “Headlines”, was the first dance concert to be performed in person in 2 years due to the pandemic and the students really made sure to make it know they were ready to return to the stage! With over 200 students performing under the direction of Christina Richardson and Eisa Jackson, guests were treated to over 35 dances ranging in genres from traditional, contemporary, ballet and hip hop. Leveraging the lighting package and expertise of our Lighting Designer Shawn McGovern, the TWP directors were able to not only make sure their students were seen by the audience but also have another tool to tell the story of the dances themselves. Each dance highlighted a news headline from history reflecting today’s reality of following world changes by the headlines we read every day.

DFX was able to meet TWP’s every need by leveraging our inventory of Versa products and strong relationships with local dry-hire rental suppliers. Our lighting package was designed with budget and functionality in mind with the DFX VersaSpot Zoom Moving Wash Fixture as the centerpiece of the aerial package. The VersaSpot provided superior stage coverage for wash but also allowed for dynamic movement and effect.

DFX’s VersaBar 40 was selected for the upstage curtain wash and side lighting. Despite not using a traditional white cyc curtain and instead using the black traveler curtain, the VersaBar was still up to the task of lighting the curtain up with color.

DFX also utilized the new ETC Lonestar both on the ground and in the air as profile moving fixtures and Robe Tetra 2 Moving Bars for ground effect eye candy. Both being sourced from our dry-hire rental supplier Main Light.