Word Life Center

Word Life Center

Helping houses of worship illuminate their message.

 We just wrapped up another local church installation this week. Our client reached out to us for LED stage lighting upgrades. DFX’s VersaPar RGB’s were a perfect fit to provide them with the energy efficient lighting solution needed to deliver their message to the world. This site has also been equipped with DFX’s Versa Intellispot’s to give a focal point for any speakers or performers in this house of worship.

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Audubon High School Musical

Audubon High School's 2021 Musical

Audubon High School’s theater program can’t be stopped. Ongoing pandemic measures meant that typically large cast & crew needed to be reduced, and live performances were still not a possibility. 

Instead of throwing in the towel, their director took an innovative approach: pick a smaller show (High School Musical), film a few performances, and present a virtual production. This allowed for them to mitigate risks and reach the widest audience possible.

A six week production timeline and reduced budget compared to previous years meant providing an effective lighting design would be a challenge. We assisted their program by adding eighteen DFX VersaPar lighting fixtures to their stage plot, patched into their classic ETC Express 24/48 console.

Other house lighting fixtures were in good condition and only required minor focus adjustments. We also educated students on how to operate the lighting console, allowing them to have control of lights during the filming process.

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Meeting at the Princeton Marriott

Hybrid Meeting, Princeton Marriott

Princeton, New Jersey - October 2020

An Ideal Hybrid Presentation

Edison Partners’ held their annual meeting in a hybrid format. They wanted to host a small and socially distanced audience in the ballroom while most guests tuned in online.

We provided lighting, drapery, displays, microphones, and a sound system for their meeting. We worked with their video team to produce a crisp live stream and share video with guests in the room.

They may have had their own video team, but we can also provide cameras and all of the technical expertise needed for a seamless meeting experience.

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Meeting at Le Meridien

Meeting at Le Méridien

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - January 2020

Creating an engaging meeting:

We frequently collaborate with other event providers to support their live productions. For this event, we supplied a range of lighting and audiovisual services, including a large dual projection system.

The LED uplights not only work to beautify the space- they also serves a practical purpose on camera! Adding a splash of color behind a lounge setup like this helps to create depth and dimension for live video feeds.


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Electric Halloween Camping & Music Festival

Electric Halloween Music Festival

DFX provides full production support to a yearly camping and music festival celebrating local artists and all things Halloween.

Electric Halloween is a two day annual music festival includes camping, Halloween activities, local vendors, and recently a wrestling ring! Multiple performance stages feature dozens of local and regionally touring acts from a variety of genres.

For over six years, DFX has been lending support with electrical distribution, full lighting and stage design services, and other equipment rental needs. We look forward to working with Grandaire Booking to create extraordinary experiences for their campers every year.

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