SAP 2012 Holiday Party


DFX works with SAP every year to turn the lobby of their corporate headquarters into a holiday extravaganza for their employees.

The needs for this event change from year to year but generally always include a stage with full moving light rig, uplighting across three floors of a ¼ mile long building accompanied by video feeds and projections across multiple locations.

The challenge when putting on this event is transforming an ordinary office building into an unforgettable evening in a scant 24 hour time period. Schedules must be coordinated between all of the various locations within the building as well as with all of the additional vendors working the event providing decorations and other services. Every year DFX strives to push the envelope with something different. In 2012 we utilized High End Systems Show Pix moving light fixtures on the main stage to push a lot of light on the stage as well as provide dazzling eye candy effects with each of the fixture’s 127 individually controllable LEDs.

It is always a pleasure to work with a company like SAP and help them give back to their employees that have worked so hard all year.

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