SAP Headquarters 2013 Christmas Party


SAP Headquarters in Newtown Square, PA held their annual Christmas Party on December 5th!

With the layout of this holiday extravaganza, the DFX crew had a ton of fun lighting up the night! Each room was a different set up, but equally awesome: We set up pipe and drape in the “jazz room”, complete with LEDs to get that smooth groove feel. The rave room was lit up with Elation brand opti tripars for a fun and upbeat dance party. There were endless food stations around the perimeter of the party, each one uplit nicely with our LEDs. One of the most winter-y spectacles of the night was the huge ice sculpture outside, which DFX equipped with Lekos and beautiful blue lights to really get that punch of light for the grand entrance. Of course no one could forget the cover band playing in the main room, which was a pleasure for us to provide staging, two truss rigs and programmed our hog to light up the performance. We loved making this night for SAP an unforgettable holiday blast!

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