AMF 300 Shady Grove Lanes Bowling Center


Our installation at Shady Grove Lanes included 40 lanes of Video MASQ, fully automated through Crestron touch screen control.

Gaithersburg, MD
We installed LED lane lights throughout the whole facility, along with fully programmable intelligent lighting using Martin fixtures, plus LED architectural lighting “clouds” on the ceiling. All of the lighting was designed by DFX, including the water effect along the side walls, the numbering along the lanes, and the LED and intelligent lighting programs. We installed a media server, which displays all types of graphics by design. Center managers can upload their logo or other images and change them with various effects. The media server includes stock footage as well as custom footage that center managers can manipulate on their own. Shady Grove includes an 8-lane VIP bowling section, in which DFX installed one large projection screen covering all 8 lanes. All of the screens across the lanes can show different sources at the same time with Matrix switch. All of the above is controlled through the automated system.

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