Audubon High School's 2021 Musical

Audubon High School’s theater program can’t be stopped. Ongoing pandemic measures meant that typically large cast & crew needed to be reduced, and live performances were still not a possibility. 

Instead of throwing in the towel, their director took an innovative approach: pick a smaller show (High School Musical), film a few performances, and present a virtual production. This allowed for them to mitigate risks and reach the widest audience possible.

A six week production timeline and reduced budget compared to previous years meant providing an effective lighting design would be a challenge. We assisted their program by adding eighteen DFX VersaPar lighting fixtures to their stage plot, patched into their classic ETC Express 24/48 console.

Other house lighting fixtures were in good condition and only required minor focus adjustments. We also educated students on how to operate the lighting console, allowing them to have control of lights during the filming process.

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