DFX Products

DFX is committed to innovative state of the art products and systems.

We are an industry leader in evolving technology with imagination, combined with thinking outside the box, intensive research and development of products and systems. We have issued patents and several patent pending unique products. Our professional engineering and manufacturing strive to provide inventive solutions for our clients.


The VersaLamp LED family of lamps provide unique, multi-purpose lamps for all types of lighting requirements.


The VersaLamp Linear Luminaire provides a unique fixture specifically designed for VersaLamp LED Lamps.

VersaCap Lighting System

Unique system provides full color LED lighting effects for the small division capping on all types of bowling lanes.

VersaPin Deck Lighting

The only pin deck lighting system to provide true white & ultraviolet plus full color lighting with limitless patterns and effects.

VersaBar LED

Provides linear focus beams of full color light with detailed lighting patterns for all types of venues.

VersaSystems Lighting Control

Lighting control provides the ability to make all of the amazing Versa family of lighting effects possible.

Video Masking Systems

DFX has innovated the bowling industry video masking units with a digital pallet for all types of video content.

Approach Effects

Providing high definition video and lighting effects for the bowlers’ approach.

VersaPar LED

Wall Washing, RGBW & Ultraviolet Color Mixing 

VersaSpot LED

Beam/Wash, RGBW Color Mixing. 

Versa Water Wave

Led Projector Light

Versa Intellispot

Beam/Wash, RGBW Color Mixing.

Versa Landscape Flood 400

Led Flood Light

Versa RGBW LED Cob Par

Wall Washing